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Angelina's Graphics is for my free graphics and greetings and for the Facebook pages for sharing the free graphics. Gifts and greetings from the heart to share with your friends, family and loved ones.

Angelina's Graphic Design Shop is specifically for my store and business. I am very pleased to announce that my shop and blog for my business are officially open! More products and gifts are on their way soon. The sky is the limit now. 

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Monday, March 17, 2014


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When you feel a gentle breeze caress you when you sigh,
it's a hug sent down from heaven, from a loved one way up high.
If a soft and tender raindrop lands upon your nose,
they've added a small kiss, as fragile as a rose. 
If a song you hear fills you with a feeling of sweet love,
it's a hug sent from heaven from someone special up above.
If you awaken in the morning to a bluebirds chirping song,
it's music sent down from heaven to cheer you all day long. 
If tiny little snowflakes land upon your face,
it's a hug sent down from heaven trimmed with angel lace

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Artwork used by Sandra Kuck


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