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Sunday, August 3, 2014
My Dear Son,
The day that you see me old I ask
that you please have patience and
above all, you try to understand,
my dear son.....
If when I talk to you, I repeat the
same things a thousand and one times
don't interrupt me to point out that
I've already told you that, instead,
please just listen to me and remember
a time when you were a little boy,
when I would read to you the same
story, night after night, until you
went to sleep.
When I do not want to do something,
don't scold me and please don't try
 to embarrass me. Remember, instead a
time when I had to chase you with a
thousand excuses I invented in order to
get you to do things, when you were a
little boy.
When you see my ignorance of new
technologies, give me the necessary
time to learn and please don't roll your
eyes or look at me with a mocking face.
Remember, my son, I taught you how to
do many things, to eat properly, to groom
yourself, and respect others and you can
confront and deal with life.
The day you notice I became old, my dear son,
please have patience and above all,
please try to understand me. If  occasionally,
I lose the memory or the thread of our conversation,
let me have the necessary time to remember and if I
cannot do it, don't become nervous, or impatient, or
arrogant. Instead, just know in your heart that the
most important thing for me is to simply be with you
and have you listening to me.
When my tired old legs won't let me walk as before...
give me your hand in much the same way I did for you
when you made your first steps, and when someday I tell
you that I do not want to live anymore, that I am ready
to die... Please do not get upset or angry, because one
day, my dear son, you will understand.
Until then, just try to understand that at my age we
reach a point where we do not live anymore, We just exist.
When this day comes for me you must not feel sad, and or
incompetent for seeing me like this. Instead, I ask that
you be with me, that you try to understand me and that you
help me. Help me as I journey to the end of my life with love
and with a deep understanding of appreciation for the gift of

time and love we were blessed to share together.
Love Always and Forever,




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