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Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Forever In Our Hearts
Let us not Forget...
Let us not Forget...
Another Year has flown on by
Of that fateful day when planes in sky
Did crash into the Towers of Two
Changing the lives of all you knew.
Our lives were changed for all that day
With more mistrust and more decay
Of human race, our fellow man
Tell me Lord what was your plan?
Are we better or are we worse
Why men are so evil cursed
That innocent should perish so
Can man not let hatred go?
He has to kill he has to maim
At whose door do we put the blame?
An eye for an eye until we’re blind
Tell me.. Where love you find?  
The values of life have gone astray
Profit, Wars, the top dogs play
With Oil and dollar, Sterling, Yen
Is sword mightier than the pen?
Let us remember those this hour
Who gave their lives within the Towers
And pray dear Lord for Peace to swell
In all our hearts for peace to dwell.
Forever In Our Hearts
Let us not Forget...
Forever In God's Hands!
More 911 Tribute Gifts At Links Below:
Some of the artwork used to make the main graphic by Danny Hahlbohm
 Angel used in the graphic by Edward Tadiello



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